UNITED WAY-21 Day Racial Equity Challenge

  • October 30, 2020
  • November 20, 2020
  • ROCequitychallenge.org


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The United Way is sponsoring a 21 Day Racial Equity Challenge in the Rochester Area. Over 80,000 community members and 400 organizations are uniting to learn and grow together. The Paralegal Association of Rochester, Inc. (PAR) has joined the challenge. The challenge runs from October 23, 2020 through November 20, 2020.

Although PAR has "missed" the first five days of this challenge, participants can go back and complete the "missed" challenges!

This is a great opportunity for personal growth on topics that are difficult to discuss, but extremely relevant.

The challenge is free. Please join the challenge to develop a deeper understanding of race, equity, and inclusion. The more we openly and honestly address these difficult issues, the more we create a welcoming, respectful and safe environment for everyone in the community.

Receive an email every weekday at 10AM thru November 20 with links to recommended articles, videos, podcasts, reflections and more.

Daily topics include Understanding Bias, Levels of Racism, Housing Inequities, Building a Race Equity Culture and many more.

Go to: ROCequitychallenge.org to sign up and join PAR in the 21 Day Racial Equity Challenge. Each day's challenge is posted on the Challenge Daily Calendar (below) so you can participate in past offerings as well as current challenges. 


October 22 - Pre-Challenge: What to Expect

October 23 -  Day 1: Race and Equity

October 26 - Day 2: Understanding and Reflecting on Our Bias

October 27 - Day 3: What is Privilege? 

October 28 - Day 4: Talking About Race is Challenging for Some. Here's Why. 

October 29 - Day 5: Levels of Racism

October 30 - Day 6: Race and Discrimination

November 2 - Day 7: Trauma to Healing

November 3 - Day 8: Housing Inequity

November 4 - Day 9: How Your Race Impacts your Health

November 5 - Day 10: Environmental Justice

November 6 - Day 11: Racial Wealth Gap

November 9 - Day 12: Behind the Starting Line - Racialized Outcomes in Early Childhood

November 10 - Day 13: Adverse Childhood Experiences 

November 11 - Day 14: Education & School-Aged Children

November 12 - Day 15: Tale of Two Cities

November 13 - Day 16: Opportunity 

November 16 - Day 17: Building a Race Equity Culture

November 17 - Day 18: Being an Ally

November 18 - Day 19: Tools for the Racial Equity Change Process

November 19 - Day 20: Final Reflections

November 20 - Day 21: Take Action


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